Sample Sequenced Social Scripts:

Collected at Closing the Gap, 2001
Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite: Pre-Conference Session


Excuse me.
I'm Jolene
I'm interviewing people about recycling and their recycling habits.
I'm going to ask you some questions about recycling.
Do you recycle?
That's good information.
Do you have a way to recycle at home?
How about at work?
Do you have to sort the stuff you recycle?
What kinds of things do you recycle?
Do you have anything else you'd like to tell me about your recycling
Thanks for your time.
Have a great day.
Happy Recycling.


Hey, you over there.
Who wants to be my partner today?
Yay, you're the lucky dog!
Which station do you sit at?
Look out . . .coming through.
What program are we going to use today?
Put it in.
Let's play.
Look at that!
Great job!
Let's try another one.
What's your favorite?
I like Chicka chicka boom boom.
Oh it's time to go.
Thanks for being my partner.


Come over here!
Wanna play?
Let's play with the blocks
How about I give you the blocks and you build it?
What do you want to build?
Sounds great!
Guess what I'm going to do when it's done?
Want a clue?
It'll be fun!
I'm gonna knock it down!
Sounds like fun, huh?
Are you ready?
Let's go.
Here's a block.
Make it higher!
Keep going.
That looks great!
A little more.
OK. Here I come. I'm gonna knock it down.
That was fun!
What should we play next?


Hey, Mom.
Come here!
Oh no!
I've got to do my make-up for the Prom!
It's getting late.
Hurry, Mom!
Remember, my dress is blue.
Let’s do lipstick first.
Please . . . not purple!
Keep my lipstick on my lips.
Don't get it on my teeth.
I don't want to look like Bozo.
I have that red hair!
I want to look like Britney Spears.
She's beautiful.
Could I have a little more mascara, please?
I can't wait to get to the Prom!
Mom, you did a great job.
I don't want to miss the dance.
Let's go!


Hey guys. . . got a minute?
Did you go to the game on Friday?
Well, I did, and guess what?
Something really cool happened during half time!
I couldn't believe it.
It was awesome.
I bet you're dying to know.
The marching band played and there was a drum solo.
Guess who the drum player was?
Well, it was someone cool - just like me.
It was my brother.
Look for him next time at the game.


Hey come here.
Want to know a secret?
It's here in my bag.
It's one of my favorites.
I don't think yu've seen this before.
Take a guess.
Want to see it now?
Naw - take another guess.
Oh you've waited long enough.
Oops - can't get it out.
Oh all right - here it is.
Have you ever seen anything like this before?
I've got a ton of things in this bag.
Let's tell everyone but the teacher!


Let's play Simon Says.
Are you ready?
If you're ready, clap your hands 3 times.
Great, I'll be Simon.
Let's start.
Simon says, Touch your nose!
Simon says, Clap your hands!
Touch the ground!
Ha, ha - I didn't say Simon Says . . . who is out?
Simon says, Stomp the ground!
That was fun.
Who wants to be Simon this time?


Hey guys!
Hey guys, I have a joke.
If April Showers bring May flowers . . .
What do May flowers bring?
Do you know?
Okay, I'll tell you.
Mayflowers bring Pilgrims.
What are we going to have to know on our Thanksgiving test?
I bet she will ask about where they landed.
Does anyone know?
Maybe she'll Also ask what they ate?
I don't know that either.
I hear a lot of the pilgrims died.
Does anyone know why?
This test is going to be a killer!


Can I tell you something?
You haven't seen me at this school.
Bet you wonder who I am.
Try to guess my name.
It starts with “nnn.”
I'll give you another clue.
It rhymes with “Boa.”
Here's another clue.
It's the same name as someone who built an ark!
It's Noah Smith.
What's your name?
I think I'm gonna like this school.
I hope to see you around!


Excuse me.
I’m doing an interview for Ms. Jenkins.
It’s for the butterfly unit next week.
Have you seen butterflies before?
Have you ever caught a butterfly?
Tell me something about a Monarch butterfly.
How many cycles does a butterfly have in it's life?
How long does a butterfly live?
Do you know what happens if you touch a butterfly wing?
Do butterflies have feet?
What does a caterpillar live in while it is becoming a butterfly?
How many days does a caterpillar live in its cocoon?
That’s all.
Thanks for helping!


Check this out!
You'll never believe what I saw at the mall!
You've gotta guess.
Want a clue?
Can you believe what some people look like?
You should have seen this guy at the mall!
He had the weirdest hair.
He had dreadlocks with three different colors.
You could see him coming a mile away.
Weird, huh?
Maybe I'll do that for Halloween.
What are you going as?
That's cool. See you later!
You guys!
Who's going to the Halloween Party?
I can't wait!
Guess what I'm wearing?
Try again.
No, I'm not going to tell you.
You tell me first.
That's a cool idea.
What about you?
See you at the party?
Look for me.
I'll be lookin' bad!

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