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This comprehensive resource provides detailed information and a range of templates to support the production and use of Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic display (PODD) communication books.  This resource provides practitioners with templates and guidelines to develop an appropriate communication book and also describes comprehensive strategies to enable the use of the system in the child’s daily life – at home, at school and in the community.

Who is this resource for?

This resource is for people supporting children who are learning to communicate using aided symbols (pictograhs, graphic symbols, whole written words).  Therapists, teachers and parents will all have the opportunity to access the materials in this resource for their clients, students, children and young people.

What does the resource contain?

The resource provides templates to create a range of PODD communication books designed for children who use direct pointing with a whole hand, finger or pointer.  Some o these page sets can also be modified to accommodate pick up and give/show or partner-assisted scanning access methodologies.

The CD set includes:
  • A full version of the book titled Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display communication books by Gayle Porter (2007)  This publication describes the theoretical underpinnings and features of PODD communication books and includes a detailed section on teaching – learning strategies.
  • Templates for 14 different PODD communication books from simple early functions to complex syntax.  These templates can be viewed and customized using Boardmaker® version 5 or later (not included).

To support you to make customised PODD communication books, each set of templates includes:
  • An information file providing a detailed description for that communication book’s language, page layout, vocabulary organization and navigation pathways.
  • Construction files providing specific instructions for printing and constructing each communication book.

US supplier: Mayer-Johnson, Co. http://www.mayer-johnson.com

For more Information:
email: podd@cpec.com.au

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